Millennials: Arm yourselves with the Democratic politicians playbook

Most conservatives from older generations are very aware of the goals of Socialism, but unfortunately many of my fellow millennials are uneducated or misinformed of what Socialism truly is. And it is absolutely terrifying.

As often as the Democratic leaders and the media like to claim themselves as Democrats, they are not. I’ve never been a fan of the Democratic Party in my lifetime. I was born into the end of George H. Bush’s presidency. When I turned 1, Clinton was elected. I might have been too young at the time as I grew up in the Clinton era to understand the politics of everything but I knew enough to know that Clinton was not the best choice. However, we dealt with it and my parents bitched about it amongst ourselves and waited for George W. Bush’s election. Then came the controversial swing vote of Florida. Al Gore, like many other democrats couldn’t accept the fact that he lost and demanded a recount just like Princess Hillary.

The patterns have existed for years. And the patterns extend way beyond than my lifetime. To Reagan’s nomination of Borke to the Supreme Court where Democrats resorted to smearing and slandering this man because they couldn’t stand the idea of having a constitutionalist to the Supreme Court. And then, in 1991, when Bush nominated Clarence Thomas, a highly esteemed and intelligent black man, they falsely accused him of raping a woman along with many other disgusting and slanderous attacks. Again they couldn’t stand that a black man could think for himself and not fall in line with their cult-like mentality. Luckily, Clarence Thomas made it through and still serves today. Please, I encourage you to watch his speech to Congress.

Clarence Thomas’s powerful speech

Now with that being said, I was talking with my father the other day and he simply typed “Lenin’s favorite sayings” into google. And it is utterly terrifying but yet so enlightening. Do not let these “Democrats” convince you that they are Democrats. The Democratic Party has abandoned the average Democrats. And more and more people are walking away. The elected leaders and the extreme left are Socialists and this is their playbook.

“A lie told often enough becomes truth.”

Does this sound familiar? How long have we have we heard the Russian collusion hoax? How long have we heard that President Trump is Hitler? That he’s racist, homophobic, etc? How long have we heard that he’s a white supremacist, yet he betters the minorities’ lives by bettering their pockets and giving them real opportunities instead of depending on the government? How long has the MSM pushed for this?

“One man with a gun can control 100 men without one.”

It is so insulting that they have been pushing for gun control all of these years claiming to care about the “well-being of other citizens”. I’ve known all along that this was their end game and this is why they are melting down about Trump’s election and now his second Supreme Court pic. However, it is striking to see it in front of my face. The whole point of the Second Amendment is to protect ourselves from big government who decide to get too powerful and controlling. These guys experienced how the kingdom in Britain controlled the people by not allowing guns. The only reason we are not British today is because these brave men of different races and creed fought back with you guessed it: guns. To take them away is a path to Socialism. And you should be irate that they have the audacity to lie your face about caring about your safety, because if they did they would want to you to be safe by arming yourself for self-defense. (Look up the stats on violent crimes and murder with cities who have gun control versus those who do not. Facts don’t lie. Your politicians do.)

If Socialism can only be realized when the intellectual development of all the people permits it, then we shall see Socialism for another five hundred years.

Well this is very telling. Why do you think they’ve injected socialist ideas and thought into our education? To breed a nation who will blindly and willingly accept it. Because like Lenin said, the only way to make Socialism work is if everyone wants it. If the majority are dissenters it will not happen. The idea of socialism is sharing what is yours with the less fortunate, but you must be willing to, not force it upon others.

I’m sure that in a perfect world somewhere in another reality, Socialism will work great. But here, humans are flawed and far from perfect. We pride ourselves on our achievements and what we’ve worked hard for. To have that taken away would result in anger and resentment. But our Democratic leaders are working overtime to convince the people that their socialist policies are what’s best for the nation by disguising it as constitutional, when in fact it is everything that goes against what our forefathers wanted.

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

Wow. It is no secret that universities are liberal, but damn, this is striking. I went to college so yes I am aware that you are taught capitalism is a system that is meant to keep minorities down and the poor poor. I am aware that they teach you that sexuality is free flowing and that if someone is not comfortable with someone’s sexual preference or gender identity that it is harmful to their psyche and they risk attempting suicide—so we all must spread awareness of these people and force them to accept them. It’s brainwash people! I was there once!

I remember getting into a heated argument with my dad once about accepting gays and transgenders and everything in between. But he made the point, “you can’t shove it down my throat. I have the right to feel uncomfortable about it and you have the right to disagree, but you cannot force me to agree with you. But I wont go out of my away to attack someone like that.” And at the time I was infuriated because I couldn’t persuade him to agree with me and I found him so offensive because I was taught to feel like that way. I was blinded to the fact that he had every right and it wasn’t my place to shove it down his throat.

The education system is designed this way on purpose. It’s part of the socialist plan so that they will raise a society of individuals like this and the next thing you know, kids will be blindly pushing for socialism without even stopping to think of what they are pushing for. This is the major step to developing a nation that socialism is the way to go. And frankly, it’s working and it’s terrifying.

The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.

CNN. MSNBC. CBS. NPR. ABC. The New York Times. And many, many more. Their hatred towards President Trump and his supporters is disgusting. They deliberately spread fake news daily and they fuel the flames of the far left’s desire to revolt. I really don’t need to comment further on this point. It’s pretty clear what is going here. However, it is designed to work this way, it’s not by accident by any means.

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.

Uhm, does this not sound like the democratic platform? They lost their minds when Trump gave the American people all across the board tax cuts thereby increasing their income. The Democrats are running on the promise to revoke those tax cuts and raise taxes and by doing that it will drive inflation, creating a poor society where no matter what profession one has or how hard anyone works, they will remain poor. Is that something you want? Does that sound like the type of society that is blissful and fair? No. It is not and if you vote for this, I assure you will regret it because it will not be what the politicians promised. The power and money will be held their hands, not yours.

It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.

What!?!?! Hell no.

There are many more examples that I could list all day, but I’m pretty sure that this post would turn into a short novel. It is important that we the American people recognize these tactics for what they really are.

The far- left is creating fear and hysteria by spreading propaganda in order to push their agenda. They accuse Trump supporters of being Fascists when they are the ones who shut down free speech and political freedom. They are the ones creating violence in the streets and the media is all but encouraging mob mentality.

No, do not preach to me about being a bigot. I am not. I accept all people of different races, sexuality, nationality and would love to travel the world to experience different cultures. However, I feel it is not fair to put foreign illegal immigrants rights above our own. It is insanity.

I have seen many millennials and older generation individuals walk away for the Democratic Party because it is not what it used to be. They feel that the Democratic Party has walked away from them. I encourage other true Democrats to do the same. We will welcome you with open arms. We are not the bigots, the far left is and what they want in place is truly a scary thought and completely un-American.

Check out the liberal #walkaway campaign. This video is powerful and it’s gaining steam by liberals all over.

. #WalkAway Campaign


What it Means To Be a Conservative Millennial Patriot

The first time I saw this piece of art was on “Hannity” during the election. This picture really stuck with me because it perfectly depicts what the Obama era had done to our country. Patriotism was all but removed from our beautiful country. We felt downtrodden, repressed, and silenced. Our country and our people had pretty much lost hope to return to the image that our forefathers had envisioned. In other words we felt screwed.

Just because we are patriots of America, doesn’t mean that we are bigots, separatists, or believe in world domination. We do not necessarily believe that we are superior to other countries in a negative sense. It just means that we value our nation, our history (good or bad. I mean seriously, name me one country who doesn’t have skeletons), our beliefs, our freedom, and our ability to stand up to the bullies of the world.

Many liberals believe that to be a patriot means to hate other countries. They believe that being a patriot means that we don’t want to change the inequalities in our country, that we believe that the rich should hold all of the power in our society, and most notably that we are racists. These notions are bullshit. It’s infuriating to hear what these far left liberals believe what we stand for. This especially holds true when what they believe would single-handedly destroy everything that our forefathers fought and died for in order for us to have our freedoms today, including the liberals that seem to hate them now.

To be a patriot means that even though we disagree with polar opposite opinions, we still value the fact that they have every right to express it. MOST of us do not try to shout them down. Of course, the bad seeds get exploited to further their agenda, but it is not representative of the majority of us. We are not typically the bullies. We understand that realistically that bowing down to threatening figures will not resolve a conflict, it only increases their power. History backs up that theory, which leads me to my next point.

Conservative patriots are willing to learn from history. We remember what our forefathers fought against, we remember why they fought against it, we remember the Civil War (the real Civil War), we remember WWI and WWII, we remember Suddam Hussein, we remember 9/11, we remember what really happened during the Civil Rights Movement and who supported it, and we remember and cherish the lives and the well-being of our country to ever let events like those ever happen again. And most importantly, we do not twist history in order to further our agenda. And we damn sure do not want to erase it, even if there are moments that we aren’t so proud of, because to forget is to repeat our past mistakes.

Being a patriot means that we value and cherish our Constitution because no other country has one like ours and we realize that we are the freest nation in the world in which we do not take for granted. We value our first and second amendments because those are two key components to obtaining our rights. Patriots do not abuse these rights.

To be a patriot is to pull for every single American because if we the people succeed then that means the country succeeds. We do not wish failure on any group (maybe except the far left because they’re scary as hell). We love our country and are proud and lucky to be a part of it. We put our citizens first so that we can help the less fortunate countries.

Maybe if other countries in this world held the same belief of patriotism, then they wouldn’t be in such a downhill spiral that they have found themselves in. Look at France, Great Britain, Germany, and other European countries to further my point. They have essentially lost their national identities in the name of appeasing of globalism. It’s really sad to me that I can’t even really go visit these countries one day to experience their culture because I’m too scared of a sexual attack that I won’t be able to defend myself from. I won’t be able to experience their true culture unless I’m near Kensington palace, where they make damn sure they held onto their national and historical identity while the rest of the country burns. In 2017, the number 1 male name in Britain was…wait for it…Muhammad. Muhammad. It blows my mind. That’s not being racist, it’s mind-blowing that they essentially converted their culture to Islam, when it was once a strong Christian nation. It’s sad and I was absolutely terrified that this same trend was going to happen in America. Thankfully, we elected a president that wanted to maintain our values and belief and shared the same patriotism that we do.

The Rarity and Challenges of Conservative Millennial Women

There is a lot of talk about women empowerment these days. Now, I find absolutely nothing wrong with idea of the empowerment of women, but that does not mean that I believe that we should smear and bring down the worth of men in the process. It is rare to find a woman who does not blame her shortfalls on misogyny. No, in a world where there are more and more women in the workforce as CEO’s and politicians, I am sorry but I do not blame misogyny. Are there areas that need improvement? Of course, but let’s not blame all men for it.

We live in a country of bandwagons, whether it’s the Alabama football bandwagon, New England Patriots bandwagon, Philadelphia Eagles bandwagons, or the Women’s Marches. Whatever happened to finding your own ideas and beliefs and principles and standing by them?

Why does it mean you must hate white people in order to be proud of your African-American background? Why does it mean you must hate men in order to be proud to be a woman? That does not coincide with the definition of equality. It is not the definition of feminism. The true definition of feminism is the belief in equality for both men AND women. I am what you call a true feminist. I value what men do for society. Men have their particular traits and areas of accomplishments, whereas women have their’s. It does not mean either group is less.

To find women who believe along these lines these days is rare. Most women I know either want to be superior to men. I suppose that is okay if that is what drives them to succeed, but for the overall general population to be that way is not healthy. Without successful men we wouldn’t have a functioning society. And I have noticed that we expect men to be apologetic for being a man. What the hell is that about?

Now, with that being said, most conservative women are feminists and do believe in the empowerment of women. However, we get excluded from liberal causes claiming to empower ALL women. This is extreme hypocrisy at it’s finest. If one is to want equal rights and opportunities for ALL women, then shouldn’t we come together despite our differences in how we should go about it?

If a woman is not a liberal feminist, then we get smeared and branded for being a traitor against our gender and being un-American. Are you kidding me? After the presidential election, conservative women all over were getting hammered for voting for President Trump by so-called feminists. I am sorry, but no one is going to tell me who I should vote for just because of my gender. That is discrimination. However, if we dared to vote outside of their narrow view, the liberal feminists implied that we did not have a brain of our own, when in fact it was the complete opposite.

In a world where the words “sexist” and “racist” are thrown around so easily, it diminishes and makes a mockery of the true cause at the core. How do these women ever expect to be taken seriously while wearing pink genitalia hats to a protest? How do these women ever expect to have their voices heard if they are constantly screaming “hateful rhetoric” at our government and those who disagree with them? How do these women ever expect to be taken seriously if they accuse every man who dares to look at them or joke with them of sexual harassment? This fodder has gotten out of control and until these women learn how to communicate their issues in a mature or an adult manner, the rest of us rational-minded women will get a bad reputation because of those that are simply louder.


The Challenges A Conservative Millennial Faces In College

Anyone who is conservative is aware of the multitude of challenges that we face with expressing our opinions openly. In the end, we are faced with two options: shut up and be silent, or be willing to withstand and fight the hostile backlash. Simply put, it is much easier sometimes to just remain silent. I have been a part of the silent crowd for years, until now.

Nothing is more dangerous or threatening than the oppression of free thought–especially in our school systems and universities. With that train of thought, America could lead to a totalitarian state. I was naive to this because I grew up in a small town private school from middle Georgia and everyone was conservative. Going off to college opened my mind up to different ideas. When I declared for my major to be Psychology, I was excited at the idea of learning about the human brain and how it functions and I wasn’t prepared to be almost to be brainwashed.

The university system loves to force feed liberal thoughts and ideas and present them as facts. If I had one of my former textbooks at the moment I would list several examples. The books teach that every country despises America because we supposedly think that “we’re better than everybody else.” They teach that being a patriot for your country is a bad thing since it lead to the Nazi regime overtaking Germany. They teach that capitalism is unfair and is hypocritical and only works for the elite. They teach that the underprivileged do not stand a chance in life and it’s to designed that on purpose.

This is absolutely inexcusable and totalitarian. What can Conservative students do about it? We just have to sit there and take it if you want to pass the class. You have to answer these questions the way the professor wants you to on the exam or risk a failing grade.

As I stated in a previous article, I once had a self-proclaimed Marxist Sociology professor. I seriously believe that she has lost few screws, but what do I know? I used to argue with her in class over her liberal ideologies and I would shoot holes in her arguments and what did I get in return? I received a D in her class. I would study hours on end in the prescribed socialist textbook just to receive a D on the exam, simply because I couldn’t answer the short answer questions in a liberal tilt. I stayed infuriated during that semester.

Being a conservative millennial in the university system, you face the oppression of free thought. You learn really fast simply sitting in a classroom who is conservative, who is liberal, and who just doesn’t give a damn. The conservative students either sit there seething in their seat silently while they listen to everything that they believe and value get trashed on. Sometimes they like to open a debate with other liberal students or with the professor. The liberal students are sitting there avidly taking notes and smiling to themselves. Sometimes they add to the professors’ lecture points. Then you have those students who don’t care because they sit there with their head face down on the desk or pretending to take notes but really they’re just doodling in their notebooks. I have sat in on many heated classroom debates where as soon as the conservative student begins to get ahead of the argument, the professor ends the discussion.

I usually kept my opinions to myself, particularly out of fear of being considered a social pariah. Yes, I challenged my professor early on in college career, but i learned that it did me no good. It cost me a few points on my GPA so from then on I steered clear of expressing my conservative views in fear that I would lose friends or get on my professors’ bad side. It is unfair and a dangerous game to play.

This is not a new trend in the university system, it has existed for decades. My father, who served our country in the Army and Army National Guard, argued continuously in college classrooms over the imperialism of America. While wearing a uniform, he would be told that our military was evil and only made situations worse.

While it’s drawn a lot of attention lately, being a conservative in college is not a new trend; however, it is striking and unnerving to see the intensity of the lack of true diversity in the university system–which goes against everything that higher education in America is supposed to stand for.

What It Means To Be A Conservative Millennial

I could go on for days listing policies that makes someone conservative, but that’s not what this blog is about. All you have to do is type in a quick Google search to figure that one out. This is about the core and integral differences within individuals that lie beneath the policies. It’s about the differences in values, beliefs, and personal priorities.

To be a conservative has many layers, which is what I plan to cover throughout this blog. But most importantly, we believe in the founding American documents that were set forth by our forefathers as they were originally intended alongside the idea of small government. The direction that our country was moving in before this past election was simply terrifying if you’re a conservative. Everything that our founding fathers fought and bled for was being threatened. It was headed in the Venezuela direction, to put it in simple terms.

Aside from believing in the traditional intention of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, there are other ways that define a conservative millennial.

It means having a strong work ethic. Many people in older generations say a lot that people in my generation lack work ethic. While that may be true in certain aspects, conservative millennials believe in having a strong ethic. We believe in this because we believe in the capitalist system that our country has in place. Point blank: if you work hard and persevere, you will eventually reap the rewards. Many conservatives have suffered for the past eight years because liberalism in America has morphed into a socialist entity that has weakened the American dream of capitalism. Socialism has expanded the role of our government, and has overreached its boundaries when it comes to social programs, which weakened the motivation and drive for many individuals to work hard, yet we did it anyways because that’s the cloth that we’re cut from. Many of us conservative millennials have grown up watching our parents bust their rump to put food on the table for us, put us in sports, or in school; so we don’t see our adulthood any differently.

In general, most conservatives do not like handouts, even if we desperately need them, because it goes against everything that we stand for as Americans. There was a period of time when my family and I were struggling financially and even though I knew we’d qualify for SNAP benefits, I refused to apply for them. And guess what? We made it work on our own and it didn’t cost the taxpayer a dime. Maybe it’s pride that drives some of us to not ask for help when we need it or maybe it’s our strong work ethic that drives us to find another way.

Now, let me clarify that I do not believe that all liberals are freeloaders with no work ethic, but I feel as if the social welfare program that was created by liberals has robbed many American millennials of having a strong work ethic that generations before us once had.

There is nothing wrong with people who need assistance, but when it is exploited is the point when my blood begins to boil. There are so many liberals out there who attempt to argue that people do not exploit welfare, however, that is extremely false because I have met many individuals who do exactly that. I’ve met many people who sell their food stamps for money, who live on food stamps, in section 8 housing, have free Medicaid, receive hefty weekly child support checks, all while choosing not to work. It’s infuriating, which leads me to my next point.

It means believing in true equality. Being a conservative millennial means believing in equality, but not in the twisted sense of the term that liberals have defined for us. We believe in the TRUE meaning of equality–the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. Unfortunately, generations before me had to grow up in times where discrimination was the norm. Liberals seem to think that the only way to fix this is to implement reverse racism in order to rectify mistakes of past generations all while chanting in the name of “equality.” Spare me the lecture and condescension.

Being a millennial, I did not grow up in stressful racial conditions like those before me. I was a competitive cheerleader in high school and throughout six of my formative years I was close friends with black people, gay people, and best friends with black, gay males. We were able to have conversations about race and homosexuality without having heated arguments. We were able to have straight white males be best friends with gay black males. We were a team and literally caught each other and saved each others’ lives (doing dangerous stunts that went awry) multiple times on a weekly basis. Of course, we had petty, adolescent arguments, but we never had any serious disagreements relating to discrimination of any sort.  That was equality, and I think that American liberals should take a lesson from adolescent sports teams.

Another heated debate in today’s society is Free Speech, AKA the First Amendment. Now, it is no secret that for years, liberals have been silencing conservative voices. It is also no secret that they continue to do so in today’s society. But the difference? The bravery of conservative millennials fighting back. In the past, conservatives have let themselves to be silenced by those on the left out of fear of smear campaigns and retribution. But conservative millennials have stepped up, not allowing their voices and beliefs to be silenced because it is our right as Americans to have opinions and a voice.

It means having common decency. As much as these spoiled, liberal millennials have made the rest of us look bad, we conservative millennials actually have common decency and respect. You did not see conservative millennials marching or protesting every time a policy was passed in the Obama administration, even though we had every right to. And let’s not just leave it at marching disrespectfully–aka The Women’s March, but we can’t forget about the rioting. I mean what the —– is wrong with these individuals?

Conservative millennials do no trash people on the other side for their differing beliefs, but rather listen to the other side and respectfully disagree with them–most of the time, although there are those who give us a bad name as well. This goes back to the point I made in my previous post about conservative millennials having respect.  When our voices are silenced, we take the correct form of action instead of whining in the streets of Washington. We go to the courts, administrators, and/or the ballot box.

It means we believe in religion. Most conservative millennials believe in a higher power. This is a given, but we mostly believe in some form of Christianity. Left-wing millennials, however, are doing everything in their power to eliminate the idea of religion in order to justify breaking the norm. If they are not held accountable by a higher power in their heart and mind, then they have nothing holding them back from extreme measures.

Being a Christian is a huge aspect of being a conservative, whether you’re Gen X or a Millennial. It molds our belief system and gives us guidance on how to live our lives. It encourages us to be kind and forgiving. It motivates us to do well, and therefore, we shall be rewarded. Without having these strongholds in place it makes society want to become lawless, and that is the direction in which our society has been headed.

It means that we take pride in our America. Finally, conservative millennials like those before us, value and want to preserve our country’s history. Enough of trying to erase the events of the past because it is deemed “offensive.” No, we understand that if we try to erase history, then our country will lead somewhere our forefathers fought so hard to avoid.

What I cannot understand is why one must be considered a Nazi if you take pride in your country? It doesn’t mean that you want to shut out the rest of world, it just means that you are proud to be where you are from and want to keep it that way. Universities are teaching that countries all over the world are essentially better than we are. That other countries cannot stand us because we are ethnocentric. They are teaching that other countries are more “enlightened” than we are. I know this because this is what I was what I was taught in my undergraduate years as Psychology major. This is why you see millennials and younger generations chanting all of these liberal ideas that have been proven time and time again that they do not work.

Conservative millennials still believe in standing up, placing your hand over your heart and singing the National Anthem and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. We want to continue to honor our country’s rich traditions that are continuously being trashed by those on the left. We have respect for law enforcement and our military because they put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. (This also goes back to the earlier points I’ve made about respect and decency.)

Finally, you do not see droves conservative millennials publicly trashing a Democratic President, no matter how much their belief system differs from our own. It is despicable to see the amount of disrespect (and even threats!) coming out of my own generation. We were raised better than that and I do not want to claim them as my peers.

3 Reasons Why I’m a Conservative Millennial

There are a lot of people out there who automatically assume that if you are a millennial, then you must be a liberal, as if it is some secret code of our age or something. Let me clear this up right now, just because you are a millennial does NOT mean you have to be liberal. That my friends, is what we call “conforming to the norm,” and to be a millennial these days seems to stand for everything that goes against the norm.

Let me start off by clarifying who I am. I am a 26 year old stay-at-home mom who has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and hoping to further my education with a Masters or P.hD. in counseling adolescents; who also just so happens to love the liberal art of writing. So, as you can imagine, everything about that statement should scream that I must be a liberal, which I am not. And here’s why:

1) Old school + New school.  

free speech

I am a conservative for several reasons, one of which is the blend of old school and new school into a set of ideas. Now, granted liberalism has sort of shoved many new ideas down our throats for several decades now, forcing us to adopt some of them; however, I must admit some of them in the past have been for the better–such as, gay marital rights. We as humans must adapt to the concept of changing times and society. (But let’s not forget that it was conservatives who pushed for racial justice in the 1960’s, not liberals as they do so love to falsely claim.)

Being a conservative means cherishing traditions, honoring our country’s sacred constitution set forth by our forefathers and following the laws set forth by our governing body, whether we agree with the laws or not. We value our rights that were given to us by our founders and we don’t try to exploit them or twist them into something they are not in order to further our own selfish means. At the same time, we look for ways to innovate in a positive way, whether its through technology or by expanding businesses, etc. True conservatives are not racist, homophobes, xenophobes, or xylophobes or whatever new hatred label they deem to be the new word of the day. No, conservatives are regular people who just want everyone else to follow the law like we do, and when they don’t we want them to be treated as we would have been treated had one of us broken the law. (That right there, my readers, is what we call discrimination, the pinnacle of their battle cry.) 

We as, conservative millennials grew up in a time where we got to witness technology develop, grow, and essentially take over. This means that we know how to interact with others personally and through technology. We know how to stop and appreciate the finer things in life like a meaningful face-to-face conversation with no phones over dinner; however, we also know how to multitask and get lost in social media to accomplish our goals. We were raised by the Baby Boomers, who passed on their “old school” knowledge, beliefs, and values to us but we are also able to add our “new school” innovations to the mix in order to better adapt to the changing times for society. I sincerely believe that liberal millennials have completely forsaken tradition, and the old school of thought when it comes to knowledge, beliefs, and values that were passed down to them, and instead, they solely focus on the innovation aspect. But what makes America America, is our tradition and the core values and beliefs that our Founders fought so hard for.

2) Individual Thought


I must admit, there for awhile while I was getting my undergraduate degree, I felt myself slowly finding myself thinking liberal thoughts. It felt wrong to me, it didn’t feel like my identity and I felt like I was betraying myself in some sort of strange way. What I was being taught was very sneaky stuff. They were teaching liberal thoughts as if it were fact. I once had a socialist professor, who continued to give me barely passing grades on exams (which were extremely subjective) simply because I didn’t answer the questions in the tilt that she wanted. That entire semester I was so angry because she literally shoved her beliefs on a classroom of eager students and if we didn’t agree with it, then she showed her displeasure through her grades.

Being a conservative today means having your own individual thought. So many liberals out there, especially college students, follow into the group think. It’s really sad to think that they do not even know the facts to what they are chanting about in the streets. I will admit, that I myself, once did not even really understand my own political beliefs. I thought I was a conservative in high school, simply because everyone who went to my small school was conservative. It wasn’t until near the end of my undergraduate career where I began to really assess where I stood politically, and I realized that I am truly conservative.

In these times, college students get so wrapped up in the idea of being a part of something greater of them, even if they don’t fully understand the cause they are fighting for. It’s sad because it dampens the greatness of causes from the past that were very hard fought–and for good reason, not just for the notion of being a part of something.

The whole group think thing can be extremely dangerous. Liberals claim that we are a part of the group think when it comes to our support for President Trump, but in actuality, we actually believe in what he says. We are able to separate the false narratives from the real ones, and we are able to see the results in his actions. Meanwhile, the liberal elite’s sole mission is to destroy everything relating to Trump, and that can be dangerous. (i.e. Nazi movement)

3) Respect


There are so many people in my generation today that just lack any respect. It makes me so angry that I almost find myself going out of my way to my elders to make up for those that don’t. I tell everyone that I see wearing a “Vietnam Vet” hat or a uniform, “Thank you for your service, sir.” I try to express my gratitude to police officers and firefighters, as well. As we all know, these individuals all put their lives on the line everyday in order to keep us safe and protected. The least that they deserve is a “thank you” by a pure stranger at a grocery store. I believe I do this because of my conservative beliefs. If I believed that all of these entities to be “evil” and “unjust” then I surely would not thank them.

I have seen so many young liberals act so disrespectfully and disgracefully. Whether it’s starting riots, setting cars on fire, smashing business windows, trashing the streets of Washington, etc. When was the last time any conservative group acted this way? We don’t. Of course there are a few bad apples on both sides of aisle. (Let me be clear and say that not all liberals act this way, because that is a misrepresentation.) However, conservatives are called the silent majority for a reason. We stay silent not only out of fear of retribution and smear campaigns, but we also stay silent out respect for others views.

Some of us do have respect for others opinions and views. I have liberal friends on Facebook and they are loud and proud about it and that is entirely okay. I do not try to dispute their claims because out of respect, I choose not to. I feel that if they wanted a debate they would do so in another forum. I do not delete them off my Friend’s List because that would be childish and I would live in an echo-chamber, which is boring.

Being respectful is not a difficult concept. We seem have a better grasp on the idea of a respectful debate. In my opinion, our arguments seem to be more fact based rather than opinion based. With the exception of our President (whom I strongly support), we don’t typically argue with name calling. And you will definitely not find many of us using the terms, “evil,” “nazi,” and/or “hate speech” as a form of a healthy argument.

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